• Ruben Verwaal

    Hey Jorrit, it would be great if you can contribute to the discussion in Groningen. To quote the Vice Chancellor’s invitation: “Friday October 16, is the Night of the University (8.00-11.30 p.m.), a divers program on the future of the university. In several rooms of the Academy Building there are debates, disputes, mini lectures and columns about the future and core business of the university: education, research, the role of the academy in society etc. Over thirty speakers share their views in discussions with each other and the audience. There is also an interesting program in English about the importance of PhD research, diversity at the university and a new bottom-up education initiative: the Bildung Academy.” For more info, see http://www.rug.nl/filosofie/news/events/2015-all/nacht-van-de-universiteit-de-academie-ter-discussie
    Cheers, Ruben